Les Cigales : Orchestra for a wedding or another event

At a wedding or indeed any other occasion (corporate evening, product launch, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, birthday etc.), the orchestra is the key to the event’s success. This is why the choice of band is of paramount importance.
The group in charge of the music at your wedding or event will set the tone for the entire occasion. It is the energy and virtuosity of the performers that will persuade your guests to get on the dancefloor and shake off their inhibitions.
A live orchestra for a wedding is the best choice to ensure a professional, high quality and experienced performance, which is why Les Cigales has chosen to focus particularly on this format.
Les Cigales has built its reputation on this continuous commitment to quality.
A wedding music group – or group for any other event – ought to be made up of true artists who are clued in to all the newest sounds and latest musical trends.
A wedding orchestra has to accompany the guests at your event through emotional moments, moments of great joy, and moments for dancing and celebration.
The ability to adapt seamlessly to your guests’ mood is what the Les Cigales wedding orchestra particularly prides itself on.
Finding a live orchestra for your wedding, corporate event or bar mitzvah that is attentive to your needs is an important but daunting mission that we are happy to help you with.
In choosing an orchestra for a wedding or any other reception, particular attention must be paid to the quality of the music and the artistry of the performers.
By opting for Les Cigales as the orchestra for your wedding or any other event, you are guaranteed all the experience, quality, expertise and professionalism you need to ensure that things run smoothly on your special day.
The live orchestra for your wedding will take your guests on a real journey, bringing a special energy to the room and making the day an unforgettable experience.
The wedding orchestra sets the tone for the whole event, and it is primarily this feeling that will be remembered by your guests.
If you are looking for a live orchestra for your wedding that is both attentive to your needs and also ready to guide and advise you, you have come to the right place…