Les Cigales: A talented orchestra for the bar mitzvah!

Whether you’re looking for an orchestra for a wedding, a bar mitzvah or a corporate event, the Les Cigales group knows how to adapt to its audience, able to satisfying its clients’ every request.
Always on top of the latest musical trends, the orchestra understands the importance of staying current and adapting to the tone and setting of an event.
The target audience for a bar mitzvah is of course very different from the kind of audience you’d expect at a wedding, and the orchestra is fully prepared for this change of pace.
When it plays as a bar mitzvah orchestra, Les Cigales is ready to entertain a younger audience, and in particular to keep the star of the evening happy on his special day. The orchestra brings this personalised approach to its performances at every event.
Thanks to its reliability and professionalism, the group has managed to retain its position at the forefront of the live music scene for several years now.
Taking account of clients’ different musical tastes is paramount, especially when considering the right music for, for example, a bar mitzvah as opposed to a wedding or a corporate event: the music for a bar mitzvah will generally be more “commercial” and contemporary than the music for a wedding (although, needless to say, the orchestra will still be prepared for all eventualities).
Even beyond accompanying clients in their choice of music, though, the orchestra must also play an active role during the planning of an event.
The orchestra for your bar mitzvah, wedding or any other occasion will know exactly how to help you with a musical selection that will set the tone of your event.
Its many years’ experience means that its suggestions are always insightful and well-informed.
Its ability to adapt and stay current since 1993 has earned the group a considerable reputation as an orchestra for bar mitzvahs, weddings, corporate evenings, birthdays and other events.