Les Cigales Paris – Live Band – L’excellence musicale des grands événements

The musical group Les Cigales is unquestionably the benchmark for individuals and corporates alike.
Created by Jean Pierre Sebagh, Les Cigales have always held their place as a "leader" and have thus made themselves known throughout the world through exceptional events and demonstrations.

On the strength of this experience, it is today as an artistic agency that Les Cigales responds to various requests for projects. by composing musical formations of excellence.

The artists occupy a place in their own right and each of them brings their color to this musical family of character.

Each event is prepared to measure like a haute couture show. Writing of specific musical pieces, setting up rehearsals, presence of a production coordinator at each event ensuring the smooth running and the foundation necessary for the result of excellence.

Jean Pierre Sebagh, conductor, entrusted the musical direction to Jean Louis Mary. Together, year after year, they lead the prestigious musical projects entrusted to them.

The “classic and chic” wedding orchestra version, the “live-music-pop” live-band version or the “electro-live” live DJ version are all possible musical versions to enhance your events.

The artistic agency Cigales
The development and influence of Les Cigales has gradually made it possible to put its experience at the service of the global organization of events.

Decorators, photographers, video teams, caterers, prestigious fairs, performers are all event partners we call upon in the organization of exceptional events all over the world.

It is always a "challenge" to organize a wedding, a corporate evening or any other life event starting from a "blank sheet" and thus to be able to respond to the desires and the most unusual projects of our customers. .
To this end, a team of project managers, artistic directors, choreographers, set designers, etc. allow us to organize and obtain real projects in virtual versions in order to be able to validate them with our clients.

All stages of design allow free rein to imagination and creation, but it is true that the first sight of the final result in real life always provokes very strong emotions for both us and our customers.

The know-how
When developing an event, the priority lies in the ability to listen to our customers. Listening is the real starting point of any event.
Indeed, some of them will focus their requests on the atmosphere, others on aesthetics, still others on the new.

The know-how of CIGALES will make it possible to meet these demands by creating a well-balanced mix of ingredients that are essential to ensure absolute success.

How to choose? Wedding orchestra?, live-band?, DJ-live?

- The wedding orchestra is a musical formation composed of musicians, singers and singers exclusively.
The training is generally quite large in terms of the number of artists on stage (14 artists minimum).
The wedding orchestra meets all requests and adapts to almost all musical styles.

- The Live-band is also a musical formation composed of musicians, singers and singers exclusively.
The formation is less important in number of artists on stage than the wedding orchestra (about 10 artists).
The live band also responds to all requests and gives a “pop” sound to your event.

- The DJ-Live is a hybrid musical formation, composed of a DJ, musicians, singers and singers.
The formation consists of 4 to 7 artists but can be more important in number of artists on stage.
The electro energy of the dj combined with that of the musicians creates a real dynamic both on stage and on the dance floor.